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PT Mulia Boga Raya Tbk (Prochiz)

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Dipasang 13 Februari 2024
Ditutup 10 Maret 2024
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Kota Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta

Blugreen Office Unit A Green, Lantai GF Jl. Lingkar Luar Luar Barat No.88, RT.6/RW.1 Kembangan Utara, Kec. Kembangan, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia, 11610


  • Frequently track and monitor the performance (sales, customer acceptance, execution of promotion program, and number of customer active) of both existing products and New Product Launch (NPL), working closely with the Customer Marketing Operation Manager and Sales Team.
  • Execute the Availability and Visibility (AVIS) strategy and monitor its implementation in all channels of covered areas, coordinate with the Sales team, to ensure products are available across all channels and visible to consumers. 
  • Propose execution plan based on building block guidelines received from Customer Marketing Operation Manager (CMOM).
  • Communicate and give guidelines regarding the execution plan of the building block to the distributor and sales area team, and monitor its implementation.
  • Socialize the ongoing promotion and Customer Marketing initiatives program (outlined in Trade Marketing Bulletin) to distributors and sales team, to ensure that all programs are well executed and all teams are well informed. 
  • Monitor, support, and evaluate the implementation of promotional activities for Near Expired Date (NED) products, ensuring that the sales team is well-informed and capable of executing them effectively. 
  • Propose JKS (Jadwal Kunjungan Sales) to the Customer Marketing Operation Manager.
  • Monitor, evaluate, and report to Customer Marketing Operation Manager (CMOM) regarding the performance of the Sales Promotion Team and Merchandiser (MD) Team to enhance productivity. 
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of Priority of the Month (POM) at the area level, and proactively implement marketing execution strategies (if necessary) to enhance the sales of POM.
  • Propose monthly activity plan (schedule of market visit, coordination meeting, etc) to Customer Marketing Operation Manager.
  • Conduct Market Visits (Wholesaler (WH), Retail Pareto, and Modern Trade Independent (MTI)) and gather data related to the implementation of Availability and Visibility (AVIS) & promotional programs, as well as competitor activities, to ensure all programs are well-executed and to obtain real field conditions as consideration for management. 
  • Prepare, analyze, and consolidate reports related to Market Conditions (visits to Wholesale, Retail Pareto, and Modern Trade Independent) and report them to Customer Marketing Operation Manager (CMOM) to provide information on the most current Market Insights and competitors in the field. 
  • Monitor and evaluate the usage of Promotion of Sale Material / Point of Sale Marketing (POSM) at the Area level to ensure that POSM is fully utilized by each Region within the responsible Area. 
  • Develop functional competencies of CM Area Team, as well as the Sales Team at the Area level through Join Calls and Explain, Demonstrate, Apply, Coaching (EDAC) to ensure the smooth operation of business activities in all areas. 
  • Analyze and consolidate reports to Customer Marketing Operation Manager (CMOM) regarding CM Area Activities to ensure the availability of accurate and comprehensive reports for management analysis. 


  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in marketing/Industrial Engineering/Management/any related fields 
  • Minimum 2 years of proven experience in customer marketing, trade marketing, or related roles within the FMCG industry, specifically targeting the general trade channel
  • Strong understanding of general trade channel dynamics, customer segmentation, and market trends within the FMCG industry. 
  • Proficiency in customer relationship management (CRM) systems and tools. 
  • Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret data and generate insights. 

Tentang PT Mulia Boga Raya Tbk (Prochiz)

Kami (PT Mulia Boga Raya Tbk) berkomitmen tinggi untuk memasarkan produk-produk bernutrisi dan berkualitas tinggi untuk masyarakat Indonesia. Saat ini kami telah memproduksi berbagai jenis produk keju yang disukai oleh semua orang dari berbagai kalangan. Salah satu produk berkualitas tinggi dalam portofolio kami yang banyak disukai semua orang adalah produk keju pada merek Prochiz.

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