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IT Auditor 2023

PT Astra International Tbk

Pendidikan minimal Sarjana
Bekerja Full time
Gaji Kompetitif
Dipasang 3 Juli 2023
Ditutup 1 Maret 2025
Dilihat 2105
Disimpan 0


Kota Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta

Menara Astra 59 floor Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav 5-6 Jakarta Indonesia, 10220


  • Berperan sebagai team leader dalam menjalankan proses IT audit pada ranah operasional dan proyek (IT General Control, Application Control, IT Security Review)
  • Bertanggung jawab untuk melakukan review dan menyiapkan kertas kerja audit
  • Menyiapkan dan mewakili manajemen untuk menyampaikan hasil laporan audit
  • Berperan sebagai advisor dalam IT internal control dan risk management


  • Lulusan Sarjana atau Master dari Sistem Informasi /  Ilmu Komputer / Teknik
  • Memiliki minimal 3 tahun pengalaman kerja pada bidang IT audit
  • Memiliki pengetahuan yang luas tentang teknologi dan informasi (ITGC, application control, IT security)
  • Memiliki kemampuan analisis dan interpersonal
  • Bersedia ditempatkan di  PT Astra International Tbk - Head Office (Sunter & Sudirman)

Tentang PT Astra International Tbk

PT Astra International Tbk was established in 1957 in Jakarta as a general trading company under the name Astra International Inc. In 1990, for the purpose of the Company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO), the name of the Company changed to PT Astra International Tbk, followed by listing its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange under the ticker code ASII. Market capitalization of Astra as at the end of year 2019 was Rp280.3 trillion.

Pursuant to the articles of association, the Company may engage in the following business activities: general trading, industry, mining, transportation, agriculture, construction, services and consultancy. By 2019, Astra has expanded its business by implementing a business model based on synergies and diversification within seven business segments, consisting of:
1. Automotive.
2. Financial Services.
3. Heavy Equipment, Mining, Construction, & Energy.
4. Agribusiness.
5. Infrastructure and Logistics,
6. Information Technology.
7. Property.

With a diversified business, Astra has touched various aspects of the nation’s life through its products and services. In everyday life, the people of Indonesia use motorcycles and cars, toll roads, printers, as well as financial services, banking and insurance from Astra. Business owners partnering with Astra using a variety of commercial vehicles, heavy equipment, logistics services, information technology systems and mining services from Astra. Many products, including palm oil, coal and motor vehicles continue to be exported, thus allowing Astra to contribute in generating foreign exchange revenues for the country.

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