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PT Paragon Technology and Innovation

Pendidikan minimal SMA / sederajat
Bekerja Full time
Gaji Kompetitif
Dipasang 10 November 2023
Ditutup 28 November 2023
Dilihat 814
Disimpan 0


Kota Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

Jln. Swadarma Raya Kampung Baru IV No. 1 Jakarta - Indonesia, 12250


  • Mengambil Data Visia uji efikasi
  • Ekstrak Data Visia uji efikasi
  • Mengambil Data Camdig uji efikasi
  • Crop Foto Camdig
  • Mengambil Data Aramo uji efikasi
  • Membuat Laporan Testimoni Visia
  • Membuat laporan foto visia terbaik
  • Merekap Hasil Analisis Aramo
  • Mengambil Data Aramo uji efikasi
  • Pembuatan Laporan foto uji aplikasi (crop foto, buat laporan)
  • Melakukan pengambilan data Analisis Photo menggunakan Software
  • Melakukan Analisis data dari hasil Image Analysis (termasuk analisis statistik)
  • Rekap data Kuesioner


  • Minimal Riwayat pendidikan SMA/sederajat
  • Memiliki ketelitian yang tinggi
  • Proaktif/inisiatif
  • Kreatif
  • Bisa mengoperasikan kamera
  • Punya pengalaman di bidang fotografi dan juga aplikasi imaging
  • Memiliki kemampuan perhitungan statistik dan analisis
  • Terbiasa bekerja menggunakan personal computer/ Laptop

Tentang PT Paragon Technology and Innovation

Since 1985, Paragon has been developing rapidly. We create excellent beauty brands such as Wardah, Make Over, Emina and Putri with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HAS (Halal Assurance System) certification. With more than 10.000 personnels all over Indonesia and annual production around 185 million pieces, Paragon has become one of the largest cosmetic manufacturer in Indonesia. We conduct an end-to-end process, from ideation to production and until the distribution, even with many supporting roles in between. The integrity, agility, and persistency of our people preserves Paragon’s position as the market leader in Indonesia. Willingness to create a greater future is one of the reason for us to make our work continuously improved and always innovate. Paragon has consistently concerns to give solution for issues that happening in our society trough our CSR programs in 4 pillars, that are education, health, woman empowerment and environment. It is very important for Paragon to collaborate with and develop the society well-being, because the growth of Paragon will not happen without the participation and support from our society. As a national company that keep on growing, we are proud to have outstanding Indonesian talents whom we call PARAGONIAN. Here, we provide a great and challenging working environment for Paragonian. We give the experience to work in a “corporate startup” vibes that rarely happened in other corporates. We have a fast-paced and agile working like a startup, but we apply Good Corporate Governance (GCG) like the other big corporations. With Paragon, you will go through a meaningful journey with unpredictable challenges ahead that will make you unleash your potentials to innovate for goodness.

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